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About Us

  • VIET KHOA MECHANICS is a provider of high quality mechanical products and solutions for civil, industrial, interior projects and domestic and foreign machinery and equipment manufacturers.
  • For more than 18 years, VIET KHOA MECHANICS has been trusted by Investors, General Contractors, and Customers as a Contractor / Supplier of quality mechanical products for production – processing – installation packages. Order metal items: aluminum glass, aluminum alloy, metal ceiling and wall, iron – stainless steel, partitions, decorative shelves, stair railings, canopy, airport metal canopy, decorative accessories interior….
  • In addition, we also provide highly aesthetic household products for hotels, resorts, luxury villas…
  • In particular, we are accompanied by customers from the US, Australia, Canada, Japan to produce equipment parts in cars, industrial machines such as CNC, air compressors,…
  • With the desire to “Shine Vietnamese Mechanics”, VIET KHOA MECHANICS team always focuses on product quality, improving operating and production systems every day, improving service quality to meet Clients’ requirements that will be high up everyday


Becoming a leading trustful Vietnamese mechanics brand in processing and manufacturing high quality mechanical products at reasonable prices that meet international standards.



”Shine on Vietnamese Mechanics”
Bringing sophisticated products from the caring hands of Vietnamese mechanics to projects in the country and around the world

Production Capacity

  • VIET KHOA MECHANICAL has invested in advanced machinery and equipment, imported from Japan, Europe,…
    The system is strictly operated and quality assured according to ISO 9001:2015 Standard.
    The Management team is dedicated, close to their work, always maintaining and developing the Company’s culture
    A team of skilled workers who love products and always seek solutions to create products of the highest quality.
    The factory is organized scientifically and professionally, ensuring 5S standards and safety in production.
    With a rich number of customers and orders coming from many different sources, the production team is always ready to work together to “Shine Vietnamese Mechanics”



The two Technical Centers to support industrial development have many activities to support mechanical industry enterprises in a number of localities across the country such as supporting training in production management systems and business management systems; Improve capacity to meet international standards… Big market Mechanical export and mechanical engineering in

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Typical customers of Viet Khoa Mechanical

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